Amy Guyton, MA
Professional Life Coach & Body Psychotherapist

Questions & Answers

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What type of therapy do you offer?
Humanistic Psychology. The power to grow is within the individual.
Integral Psychotherapy. Scripting is developed out of unresolved trauma.
Addictions Resolution. Focus on understanding and eliminating addictions.
Trauma Release Exercises (TRE ©). Nervous System regulation for symptom relief.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The link between behavior, thoughts, and feelings.
Psychodynamic Therapy. A person will repeat until there is resolution of trauma.
Play Therapy. The use of activity and engagement for intervention and healing.
Couples Counseling. Intervention and education on marriage and relationships.
Family Therapy. Intervention and education on systems theory and roles.
Educational Classes. A person can not change what they do not know about.
Do you work with families?
Yes. I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology and specialize in a systems theory approach to assist parents and children in understanding and changing behavior for optimal health and wellness.
Do you accept insurance?
No. I am a licensed Psychotherapist in the State of Michigan. I can provide a detailed receipt for clients to submit directly to their insurance carriers. I have found that this approach is much more empowering for the client and eliminates any "surprises".
BC/BS - I am In Network for most BC/BS plans. My NPI#1215115100
AETNA - I am out of network Other insurance carriers - call your insurance company directly (see NPI# above)