Amy Guyton, MA
Professional Life Coach & Body Psychotherapist

How To Change & Grow


To change ones life requires a decision that is reinforced. Simply put, but if it were easy to change, more people would do it. The reason that change is difficult is because of the basic nature of human beings. The primal basis of our brain functioning is for survival purposes. Due to that basic function, people have a difficult time with situations that are emotionally or physically challenging to their habits, attachment to the familiar, and contentment with repetition. To truly change something about ones self and have the change last and be permanent requires a core transformation process that is difficult and more often than not, uncomfortable. By choosing a therapist or life coach, a person is enlisting the help of a person who will be able to identify the roadblocks to change and work to eliminate those roadblocks in order for growth to occur. In addition, developing an understanding of the origin of the roadblocks allows for permanent change in ones life.

 The Truth About Being Happy

Happy is one of a multitude of emotional states that is only possible if there is an understanding and acceptance of all emotions. Human Beings are not meant to exist in a continual state of feeling happy. The illusion that one should be, creates disharmony with ones self and within all relationships with others. The reality of the human body is that energetically we are capable of great emotions leading to desire, drive, and passion in life. When one emotion is denied or if a person is incapable of experiencing that emotion, the ability to feel joy or happiness is diminished. The need for alternate ways to enhance mood are sought sometimes leading to relationship or substance addictions.


In all of ones lifetime, it is impossible to fully experience ones self. We are dependent on the relationships around us to mirror our strengths and our weaknesses. As children, mirrors consist of our parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, and friends. These early experiences result in our earliest beliefs about who we are and how we fit into the world. As an adult, you have the power to choose the people and relationships in your life and if done so consciously, there is more potential for happiness and wellness in your relationships and being able to share your feelings and needs with success.


Addictions are a way that people cope when they are unable to deal with their lives in a healthy manner. All addictions are a replacement for healthy relationships. People become dependent on turning to a substance or activity because the pain and difficulty involved in being able to turn to a person is too great and too much of a risk for them.

All healthy change involves the resolution of addictions. As long as an addiction is active, it is not possible for an individual to experience health and wellness.